Wearing hope



People say that the color of hope is green. 

Like the children’s uniforms at Ngongongare Primary School. 

Children need a uniform to go to school in Tanzania. If they don’t have it, they will find difficulties to access to the school or they will receive a notification with a deadline for them to get the uniform. This may seem shocking here, but it is a way of showing that the children are in school and not working. 

And, although primary education is free (except for an initial fee), some families can’t afford the other costs like school supplies and uniform. In 2020 UNICEF Tanzania estimated that 3.5 million children and adolescents in school age were not schooled. 

Knowing that figure, at AfrikAmiga we wanted to contribute humbly. It was very, very easy thanks to the people with a big heart, who joined a Solidarity Yoga Master Class organized in the Canary Islands, with which we started this dream. 

Later on, many more big hearts appeared, because up to 80 kids can continue studying now. 

With ‘Wearing Hope’ we give full uniforms, pullovers, shoes, socks and school supplies to the neediest children of the school. 

We also promoted local commerce and give employment to Ayubu, “our” young tailor who cuts and sews the uniforms. 

“Hope is a waking dream”