Creating school


The Engejisosia Primary School is a school located in Kingori area, one of the most arid lands in Arusha (Tanzania), where mainly two tribes live: the Masai and the Meru tribes, who are dedicated, above all, to livestock and the small crops that the land allows. 

Around 400 children go to this school every day. A school that, like Ngongongare, hadn´t received any type of help since it was built. 

With almost collapsed ceilings, damp walls, the land as the floor, not enough furniture, no windows, no doors… there was a lot to do, and we started by rehabilitating the teachers’ room. We saw a room where 8 teachers met every day to prepare their classes with hardly any means, it was used as a food store, kitchen, space to store school supplies and notebooks on the floor (in the absence of furniture), etc. 

This is how ‘Creating School’ was born. Respecting the environment, the habits, and the way of life of this area, we carried out a project to repair the Teachers’ Room in this school. Today they have a room with windows and doors, a roof with a water gutter, rehabilitated walls and floor, a blackboard, a shelf to put the books and tables and chairs for all the teachers. 

And, as always, we promote local trade and employment, now hand in hand with Senya and his team. The dream continues… this time, it’s the children’s turn… 

“School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside”