In AfrikAmiga we work for the right to education in disadvantaged areas of Tanzania
and to improve the quality of life of families in vulnerable situations.


"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"

Sewing lives
Sewing lives
Lala Salama
Lala Salama
Survival´s kilos
Survival´s kilos
Right to play
Right to play
Writing dreams
Writing dreams
Painting joy
Painting joy
Windows to the future
Windows to the future
Happiness suitcase
Happiness suitcase

"Dreams to be made are the engine that makes us move forward"

AfrikAmiga is the result of infinite hours sharing ideas, hopes and desires. It is the project of three friends who have the same dream in common: to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged people and to make the right to education of children more accessible.
We believe in respect, empathy and we act with good will in every small action we do. Always sponsored by the support of our accomplice Pedro Pablo, AfrikAmiga is a solidarity chain which shows that with a lot of small things we can do huge things.
Like almost everything good in life, we began without realizing it: in an improvised way, following our dreams and surrendering to our impulses. And we smile, with our eyes closed and our hearts beating hard when we see the effectiveness of solidarity and that ‘unity is strength’.
Marian Mesonero
Robby Nickson
Pedro Pablo Ponferrada
Pedro Pablo

"Great opportunities to help others rarely come
but the little opportunities surround us every day"

We like to say that AfrikAmiga is us all.
Without you, we couldn’t help in the education of hundreds of children. Because without you, there won’t have school supplies, no windows, no doors, and no daily food.
Without you, we couldn’t improve the living conditions of people in situations of vulnerability and poverty.
And without you, we couldn’t generate employment, activate local commerce, fix schools or help better the lives of people.
We insist on being grateful for showing us how great you are and what you’re able to do with just small signs of solidarity.
Because without you we wouldn’t exist.
Join AfrikAmiga.

"Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference"

Someone said that having projects makes life happier.

It is the fact of doing what you love, meeting goals and setting new ones that makes life a challenge, encourages you to keep going and to keep fighting for your dreams.

For this reason, and because there is nothing more beautiful than the smiles and hugs that we receive in return, in AfrikAmiga we continue helping, protecting, loving, understanding, supporting, respecting, learning


Would you want to join our next dreams?

  • ¡DONE! School uniforms for the neediest children of the Ngongongare Primary School
  • ¡DONE! School supplies for the most vulnerable children of the Ngongongare Primary School
  • Creation of a first aid kit with medicines and material for schools
  • ¡DONE! Search for another school in which to settle aid
  • ¡DONE! Delivery of menstrual hygiene products among the girls of Ngongongare Primary School
  • ¡DONE! Talks and workshops about sex education in different schools
  • ¡DONE! Talks and workshops about environmental protection in different schools
  • Rehabilitation of houses
  • ¡DONE! Imposed small businesses among disadvantaged families
  • ¡DONE! Continue support for local business
  • ¡DONE! Employment promotion
  • Surgical operations for Rosemary and Jackson
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Bresca is much more than an Italian restaurant.

They collaborate with AfrikAmiga through one of their dishes made with a lot of love with which they give €1 of each of them to help us with our dreams.

Do you want to know what we have done with that euro?