Building Future


We started with some sanitary pads, we continued with a teachers’ room, we produced some desks and now we are beginning to rehabilitate the classrooms, that’s how ‘Building Future’ starts. 

The children of the Engejisosia Primary School attend classes every day with dirt and dusty floors, a leaky roof, poor ventilation and light, very small blackboards, and walls in poor condition. Conditions that are unfavorable for teaching and education. 

For this, we employed Senya and his team again, to build some classrooms with: walls and ceilings, big windows with glass to avoid the cold in the rainy season, a huge blackboard so that the children are able to read what is written there, a cemented floor… and of course, full of Desks with Soul…. 

Welcome, we are Building Future. 

“The best way to predict your future is to build it”