Desks with soul


‘Desks with Soul’ is much more than a table and a chair. 

It is a way of trying to make the right to education as equal as possible. It is a way to prevent most children from learning to write sitting on a dirty floor. It is a way for children to feel more comfortable in their classes and to be more receptive. At the same time, a way to generate employment, this time, providing work to Mramba as a carpenter and to Tom as a painter. It is a resource for developing local commerce and economic growth. 

This is the application of the formula that we follow at AfrikAmiga with each of our dreams: education + job creation + promotion of local commerce = development. 

And besides, it is a humble way to leave your mark. 

By sponsoring a desk you will make it possible for 3 children to study in a comfortable way. We will put your name and the message you want to leave on the desk. 

Leave your mark. 

Leave your soul. 

Drop us an email and we will send you all the information. 

“Teaching is leaving a mark on a person's life”