There are millions of ways to help. From some wonderful photos and videos made by our friends Hans Photography and Francisco Galeazzi when they came to visit us and that are now part of our website, to those free sewing materials from ‘Sewing Lives’. Or the transport of fabrics and suitcases. Or the monthly donations for ‘Survival Kilos’. Or spontaneous donations of jewelry with the intention of raising more funds, . Or the wise advice of Mar. Or lots of clothes and those beautiful shirts with Indian fabrics. Or an article in a newspaper. Or thousands of likes and shares on Instagram.

And music groups that offer to sing for a solidarity cause and places that open their doors to let all the friends in. And restaurants that offer charity meals and bars that gives up their space to organize charity markets …

And friends who always are always there.

However, in AfrikAmiga we don’t offer international volunteer programs. We believe in fair trade and labor insertion, so we prefer that all the work we can generate is focused on the country of destination. It is our small contribution to promote local development and commerce. We did so with the whole rehabilitation of the school and we will continue to do so in the future.

However, if you decide to travel to Tanzania, in AfrikAmiga you will always be welcome. You can visit us, meet us and share with us the most important thing: your time.

All, absolutely all of our dreams have been supported by anonymous people. Amazing people with a pure heart and spirit. Family, colleagues and friends who took us by the hand from minute one. And others who without knowing us, bet on us and gave us their trust. This space is yours. The achievements too. And these words, our gift:

Thank you


Providing cooperation and help. Making an effort, putting the means to achieving something.